Poetry Friday with Vardell & Wong

Sylvia Vardell is Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University. She has published extensively, including five books on literature for children and over 100 journal articles. Her current work focuses on poetry for children, including a regular blog, PoetryforChildren. She is also the regular “Everyday Poetry” columnist for ALA’s BookLinks magazine.

Janet Wong is a graduate of Yale Law School and former lawyer who switched careers and became a children’s poet. Her dramatic career change has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN’s Paula Zahn Show, and Radical Sabbatical. She is the author of 30 books for children and teens on a wide variety of subjects, including writing and revision, dumpster diving, diversity, and chess.

Together, Vardell and Wong are the creative forces behind The Poetry Friday Anthology® series, launched in 2012 and used by thousands of teachers and librarians nationwide.

Meet the Poets in The Poetry Friday Anthology® Series

The poems in The Poetry Friday Anthology® series are written by over 140 of the best poets for young people: award winners, popular favorites, poets who teach, teachers who write, and our genre’s rising stars. We hope that reading these original, previously-unpublished poems in our books will introduce you to new favorites, reconnect you with old favorites, and inspire you to share their own poetry collections, picture books, and novels with your colleagues and students.

Poets in The Poetry Friday Anthology® Series

Joy Acey, Alma Flor Ada, Arnold Adoff, Jaime Adoff, Francisco X. Alarcón, Kathi Appelt, Jorge Argueta, Sandy Asher, Linda Ashman, Jeannine Atkins, Brod Bagert, Bruce Balan, Ibtisam Barakat, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes, Doraine Bennett, Carmen Bernier-Grand, Robyn Hood Black, Susan Blackaby, Merry Bradshaw, Calef Brown, Susan Taylor Brown, Joseph Bruchac, Jen Bryant, Leslie Bulion, Stephanie Calmenson, Robyn Campbell, F. Isabel Campoy, Nancy White Carlstrom, James Carter, Deborah Chandra, Andrea Cheng, Kate Coombs, Cynthia Cotten, Kristy Dempsey, Graham Denton, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Linda Dryfhout, Shirley Smith Duke, Margarita Engle, Matt Forrest Esenwine, Kelly Ramsdell Fineman, Elizabeth S. Finison, Nancy Bo Flood, Douglas Florian, Betsy Franco, Carole Gerber, Charles Ghigna, Cynthia Grady, Joan Bransfield Graham, John Grandits, Nikki Grimes, Lorie Ann Grover, Monica Gunning, Mary Lee Hahn, Avis Harley, David L. Harrison, Terry Webb Harshman, Juanita Havill, Jane Heitman Healy, Georgia Heard, Stephanie Hemphill, Esther Hershenhorn, Mary Ann Hoberman, Sara Holbrook, Carol-Ann Hoyte, Patricia Hubbell, Jacqueline Jules, Bobbi Katz, X.J. Kennedy, Penny Parker Klostermann, Uma Krishnaswami, Michele Krueger, Julie Larios, Irene Latham, Renée M. LaTulippe, JonArno Lawson, B. J. Lee, Neil Levin, Gail Carson Levine, Suzy Levinson, Constance Levy, Debbie Levy, J. Patrick Lewis, Grace Lin, George Ella Lyon, Jone Rush MacCulloch, JoAnn Early Macken, Bridget Magee, Libby Martinez, Diane Mayr, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Pat Mora, Heidi Mordhorst, Diana Murray, Marilyn Nelson, Kenn Nesbitt, Lesléa Newman, Naomi Shihab Nye, Eric Ode, Linda Sue Park, Jane L. Patton, Ann Whitford Paul, Greg Pincus, Jack Prelutsky, Mary Quattlebaum, Bob Raczka, Debbie Reese, Heidi Bee Roemer, Caroline Starr Rose, Michael J. Rosen, Deborah Ruddell, Laura Purdie Salas, René Saldaña, Jr., Michael Salinger, Michelle Schaub, Robert Schechter, Ted Scheu, Glenn Schroeder, Joyce Sidman, Buffy Silverman, Marilyn Singer, Ken Slesarik, Sonya Sones, Eileen Spinelli, Elizabeth Steinglass, Tricia Stohr-Hunt, Anastasia Suen, Susan Marie Swanson, Carmen Tafolla, Rose Ann Tahe, Holly Thompson, Patricia Toht, Linda Kulp Trout, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Lee Wardlaw, Charles Waters, April Halprin Wayland, Carole Boston Weatherford, Robert Weinstock, Tamera Will Wissinger, Steven Withrow, Allan Wolf, Virginia Euwer Wolff, Janet Wong, and Jane Yolen